It's funny how I always hear the best podcasts about college when I happen to be driving in the car. Planet Money by NPR is one of my favorite shows. It's a great podcast that really takes a unique look into so many neat topics. Just yesterday they talked about college.

I frequently reference a podcast (click here to listen) that was originally released back in May of 2012. In that program, they uncovered how colleges compete with each other and how they use scholarships primarily as a tool to recruit and attract students, not necessarily to award their accomplishments and merit.

Fast forward 2 years...this same program takes things a step further to uncover yet another truth that we share frequently: that you should never judge a college on sticker price alone. What many families do not know is that many "expensive" private colleges may very well be within financial reach.

Many colleges "discount" to create a perception of value and to compete for students with publicly funded state and privately funded private institutions. I encourage every parent of a college bound student to listen to this podcast. It may save you thousands of dollars in college costs. You can read the full transcript here.