I teach a lot of classes and reach out to many families in the Atlanta area. I look back at the past couple of weeks and a few families stand-out. I spoke to triplets, a family with 11 kids, and the typical 2.5 kid family with a rising senior in high school.  They all have something in common: fear.

When did college become so complicated? I think college became complicated when prices started to really skyrocket the past 10 years. It really is amazing at how many families approach college planning with genuine fear and foreboding. 

One of the most rewarding parts of my job as a college planner is to teach families how to manage the fear and to show that there is light at the end of the tunnel; that sending triplets to college can cost less than sending a single student...that having more kids can mean reduced college costs. When you share your knowledge and let people in on what you know, you can accomplish a lot of great things.

I also want to thank the woman at my class today for attending my workshop 2 weeks in a row and for bringing a friend because "she had to see it!" What a feeling, Atlanta! I look forward to working with you all! So far so good.