In my classes I always talk about campus safety. Is your college campus safe? Does it have a reputation for safety? Does your college campus have a dedicated police force? As the old saying goes, we should always be mindful that crime "doesn't have a zip code."

Here are a few tips to follow...know how to reach the police if needed. Be sure to locate and become familiar with any emergency call boxes on campus. If you see or anything suspicious, call the police or campus security.  Most importantly, use common sense. Stay in groups and don't head out alone at night or in less populated areas of campus.

Recently in GA State University, a campus police officer was stabbed and in another incident, some young teens were allegedly mugging some students near campus, but the article was mysteriously pulled form the Atlanta Journal Constituition.  I am not sure if any recent developments caught the suspects, I can only hope. And just in today, a string of attacks carried out at the University of FL. I hope they catch this guy! You can read more here.