Facebook. Instagram. LinkedIn. SnapChat. Twitter. Social networking is a mess. What do you use? How do you use it? I realized that in order to stay relevant, I had to adopt social networking. College planning is a relatively new profession. The first impulse of families that I meet is to perform a web search of me and my organization. So what will they find? Maybe articles like this one? (our team was actually approached by the author of this article for a quote and references under false pretenses) Or this one?

It's a double-edged sword. If I have no presence online, I am not credible. If I do have a presence online, I better keep things up-to date. Why hasn't my Facebook post been updated in a few months? Am I a fly-by-night organization? Am I too new? Why was my last blog over 2 months old? Why do I have a confusing website with dead links that go nowhere? Maybe I closed-up shop? Maybe there isn't anyone at the wheel? Someone once told me that if you are going to get social media, you better use it.

If I have no presence online, I am not credible...Why was my last blog over 2 months old? Why do I have a confusing website with dead links that go nowhere? Maybe I closed-up shop?

I knew I had to find a balance. More does not equal better. If I over-post, followers are more likely to un-follow. I also have to make sure that everything I post is "share-worthy." So I enlisted some help, built a map, and set-up a regular routine that tells me what to post and when. Even with all of this, many people can fail to find a connection. So I decided to start a podcast. Nothing connects you to another person better than the spoken word. When people can hear your inflection and feel that they are part of a conversation, they can begin to understand what you are really all about.

That's the whole point of all of this. I want you to see if we can find a connection. Maybe you are scared or you don't know how all of your college planning is going to come together. You need to know that there are people out there that are really good at this. Maybe if you give someone like me a chance, we can accomplish some really great things! We will do our best to stay relevant and to keep offering "share-worthy" content and we hope you can approach us with a true understanding of who we really are: a better college planning solution. We invite you to participate. Post your thoughts. Ask questions. Share ideas.