I finally heard back from a couple of families that I have been working with. They were among my first clients when I started my company a year ago. I want to share these two stories with you so you can understand the results of all of the hard work that we do together. I am not here to take all of the credit. What makes our process so unique is that everybody participates and we all get to share in the success. Here is the story of Hannah and Morgan.

Hannah is a great student, but Mom and Dad have started their planning late and they had retirement and a mortgage that had been on the back-burner for too long. Needless to say, the college problem was also looming over their heads as well. This was the state affairs when I met Hannah and her parents. This is the usual state of affairs when I meet most families.

We created a financial roadmap to help Mom and Dad meet their financial goals. Our competitive college selection and FAFSA strategy allowed us to rake-in substantial discounts and gave Hannah more college choices. With all of the discounts we obtained, Hannah was less restricted to her college choices. Her final result? The Honors Program at the University of GA. After all discounts, University of GA came in at a cost of only $14,746 per year. Cost of attendance at this college, even with the Hope Scholarship, still comes in at about $20,000 per year. Mom and Dad were happy. She was also accepted to Santa Clara University at a cost of only $16,338 per year. That was a substantial discount over the $61,638 cost of attendance at that college. Mom wanted her close to home and Dad was happy that they were getting a discount.

Morgan and her family were in a similar situation. Our financial and college selection strategy paid multiple dividends. This is another classic example of why we do not have to limit our college choices based on sticker price alone. We can choose the college that is the better fit. Emory University is about to get a very special student this fall.

Keep in mind that these costs represent the full-cost of attendance. Not just tuition. Also keep in mind that these discounts reflect grants and merit aid. These final numbers DO NOT include any student loans. I am happy for Hannah and Morgan and I look forward to getting more of these results next year!