CASE STUDY - "can i get any financial aid?"

The Whitehead Family

The Whitehead Family came to us in April 2014 with no plan at all. They did not know where to start and were fearful that the prospective colleges for their student, Devon, were limited to in-state public options. They felt sandwiched between making too much income for aid and unprepared for the college expenses they were going to incur for both of their students. They already had another student (two years ahead of Devon) going in-state. With our college selection program and financial aid strategy, we found several options that were not far from in-state costs. Now Devon is free to choose from more colleges with more opportunities. More importantly, we have a clear roadmap on how to cover these college costs. Devon applied to 8 colleges and was admitted to all but University of GA.  All other 7 colleges offered substantial grants.

Devon (2015 Grad) - 3.6 GPA / 27 ACT Score

$155,500 - Adjusted Gross Income

$15,000 - Savings and Bonds

$16,000 - 529 Plan

Final EFC $22,816


GA College and State University

$26,690 - Cost of Attendance

$6,030 - HOPE Scholarship 

$20,660 - True Cost

Berry College

$46,312 - Cost of Attendance

$18,600 - Grants / Scholarships

27,712 - True Cost


Ithaca College

$58,865 - Cost of Attendance

$30,000 - Grants / Scholarships

28,865 - True Cost

Mercer University

$49,393 - Cost of Attendance

$22,920 - Grants and Scholarships

$26,473 - True Cost

Eckerd College

$52,140 - Cost of Attendance

$23,000 - Grants / Scholarships

29,140 - True Cost

University of Redlands

$59,754 - Cost of Attendance

$25,300 - Grants / Scholarships

34,454 - True Cost

Whitehead Family College Savings

True cost reflects out-of-pocket costs without student loans.