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— Winston Churchill

Case Studies 2018

We are now 4 years into this process and have seen some of the most amazing stories to date. We've helped over 130 families this year and there are only so many experiences that we can fit on our website. Most of these stories involve families that achieved success despite the skepticism and urgings from family, friends and teachers not to "waste their money" on something they could probably do themselves. In each of these examples, the families looked at the research instead of relying on rumors or the conflicting yet prevailing "conventional wisdom." They suspended all college decisions until every award letter arrived. Finally, they reviewed and finalized their financial position before the financial aid forms were completed. When the award letters came, the naysayers fell silent.

CASE STUDY - We have a great student, but there is no way we can afford the college he wants at $70,000 per year.

The Bello Family

We met the Bello Family last Fall and they just could not fathom the exorbitant costs of the colleges that their son, William, was visiting. The Bello's were first generation immigrants and they felt they were very unprepared to navigate the college planning process. We assured them that we would find amazing colleges at prices that they should be able to afford. Despite their fears and skepticism, they took a chance on us. Here are the results:

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The Rodriguez Family

The Rodriguez Family are first-generation immigrants and run a business. When they became aware of the high cost of college, they enlisted our help. Luckily, we were lucky to work with their first student thus paving the way for their other two students. Cesar, their first child, followed our college selection process and came into this situation without any preconceived notions. Our plan not only set aside enough money for all three college educations, we also made sure enough was available to retire. Here is what we accomplished:

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My husband passed away recently and he left me some money. how will this affect my college plans for my two girls?

The Sams Family

Katherine Sams was a referral from a financial advisor that we've worked with on several occasions. She was in a unique situation where a trust, that was designed to supplement her deceased husband's income, created a situation where she had to choose between paying the bills or sending her daughters to college. Her daughters felt that they may have been limited to the in-state public colleges. We quickly went to work with her first daughter, Sarah. As a senior in high school, time was of the essence. She immediately followed our college selection process and we helped mom with a FAFSA strategy so that her trust would not limit their financial aid. Here are the results of our work together:

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We are too rich for aid but too poor to actually pay for college. What can you do? Everyone we are talking to tells us not to expect any money from these colleges.

The Ashton Family

We met the Ashton Family on the tail-end of 2016 when Mark, there son, was just a Sophomore. They saw that they had a problem and they could see it a mile away. Despite the advice of every planner they had previously talked to, they enlisted our help. We took time to evaluate Mark's career choices. We also gave him test prep that elevated his SAT score. We then helped Mark finalize his college selections where he was elevated and a great academic fit. Our merit aid research also positioned Mark to receive aid at every single college he applied to. This is a classic example of how effective our process is when families tune-out the noise and just listen.

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