William's father was incarcerated and his mother was unemployed and coping with a serious drug addiction. A friend of the family introduced me to William to see if I could help. We were late in the senior year and I almost turned him down. He had great grades, but his test score left a lot to be desired. We were also a few months away from graduation. I had to meet this student to gauge how motivated and serious he was. I was convinced after the first 5 minutes I spent with him that he wanted something better. He had a vision to use his education to take him away from the difficult circumstances that life had dealt him thus far. After some long and careful thought, we decided that every student deserved a chance at getting the best possible college education at the best possible price. William had no resources, so we had our work cut-out for us. Our least expensive in-state options still required at least $13,000 in out-of pocket costs. Thankfully, we found an almost zero-cost option.

William (2015 Grad) - 3.8 GPA / 17 ACT Score

$0.00 - Adjusted Gross Income

$0.00 - Savings and Bonds

Final EFC $0.00


GA State University

$24,390 - Cost of Attendance

$6,030 - HOPE Scholarship

$5,000 - Pell Grant 

$13,360 - True Cost

Keystone College

$36,855 - Cost of Attendance

$20,600 - Grants / Scholarships

$5,000 - Pell Grant

$11,255 - True Cost


Neuman College

$40,200 - Cost of Attendance

$18,380 - Grants / Scholarships

$5,000 - Pell Grant

16,820 - True Cost

Goldey Beacom College

$28,100 - Cost of Attendance

$21,545 - Grants and Scholarships

$5,000 - Pell Grant

$1,555 - True Cost

WIlliam's College Savings

True cost reflects out-of-pocket costs without student loans.