We are college planners.

We help Atlanta families plan and pay for college.


We are college planners.

We help Atlanta families plan and pay for college.

We are Atlanta's 529 plan alternative, a research-based college planning firm.

We teach families how colleges really work. Typically, two opposing players emerge when families consider college selection. On one side is the college, with an aim to acquire your student (via scholarship) at the lowest price possible. On the other side of the equation is you, with the goal of getting your student into the best possible school at the lowest possible price.

We use enrollment management to strategically position our students and families to get in, fit in, and get paid to go to college.

We are not a lending agency. We are not an outside scholarship search engine. We are not admissions counselors using the same generic tools and research found on the internet or at your local high school. We are different.

Everybody has an opinion. We have research.

Cut through all the noise and opinions. Start with facts.

Everybody has an opinion. We have research.

Cut through all the noise and opinions. Start with facts.

Research-based decision making

Many colleges, even the bad ones, will highlight achievements while downplaying weaknesses. How do you sort out a college that is suitable versus one that is not? We think we have the answer. With over 20 years of research, we can show you how your student fits academically within every college in the United States. Imagine evaluating colleges based on years of research and data instead of marketing hype or the limited experience of one or two counselors. Maybe we can even learn to look beyond rankings in a magazine that's always changing?

It's a new way of looking at college. Data is not the final decision maker, but would it not be a great place to start?

With the right information could you CONSISTENTLY predict which colleges will likely admit your student? Could you also project and forecast a financial award letter from a college?

Can you create a dynamic list of colleges that will compete for your student by increasing their award letters? With the right tools, you can do all of these things.

Our relationship with the College Funding Service Center (out of Waterford, CT) allows us to approach college planning in the most comprehensive way possible. There is simply no other college research team on the planet with their level of experience and expertise. Their efforts help families find schools with the right academic and social fit, with a special emphasis on affordability. The College Funding Service Center carries an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. You can read more about their A+ rating here.

A team approach is the best approach.

This is who we are.

A team approach is the best approach.

This is who we are.

Unlike other college planners, we do this full-time.

We are a team of full-time college planning professionals. This is extremely rare. Many other planners in this field are actually part-time practitioners that hold other full-time positions. A full-time focus affords us the ability to drive results.

DANILO "Danny" Umali 

Founder and Managing Partner - Game Theory College Planners

Danny grew up in Orlando, Florida but has called Georgia his home for more than than 24 years. Danny worked in retail operations management for over 12 years before being recruited to the financial services and wealth management industry. During this time, Danny focused on special needs planning and served on several school district “transition councils” for families with special needs. Due to Danny’s experience with local high schools, he was enlisted to build a new Atlanta area college planning firm in 2010.

In June 2014, Danny started his own shop to better serve his clients and Game Theory College Planners was born. By continuing his previous partnership with the College Funding Service Center, Danny now helps families in the Atlanta area and beyond by bringing the most comprehensive college planning approach in the industry. Danny is also a leading expert with integrating college admissions and social media. Game Theory College Planners became the first to incorporate professional guidance in this area with his partnership with Social Assurity. In 2018, Danny was invited to join the Board of Directors for Brandon Hall, where he currently serves as the Trustee Chair for Enrollment and Marketing.

Danny spends his free time with Minis and Coffee, taming the twisty roads of North GA. You might also catch him watching flicks at his favorite theater, slurping-up ramen noodles in Sandy Springs, hanging out with his dogs, or working his deadlift at Crossfit. Danny currently resides in Dunwoody with Karen, his wife of over 22 years. - LinkedIn Profile


Co-Founder and Managing Partner - Game Theory College Planners

Karen, born in Oakland California, grew up in Peachtree City, GA where she attended McIntosh High School. Karen's strong administrative experience was obtained from working with several local small businesses and organizations including Fayette Medical Clinic, Georgia Power, and The Joseph Sams School. In 2011, Karen began her career in financial services and worked as the Director of New Business for 21st Century Financial before transitioning full-time to Game Theory College Planners in October 2016.

Let’s face it, Karen is the brains behind Game Theory College Planners. On a daily basis, Karen works with families on building financial plans and makes the key strategic business decisions that directly impact the client experience. When Karen is not running things, she spends her free time spoiling her niece and nephews. You may also catch her training with her Brazilian Jujitsu coach in Sandy Springs. -LinkedIn Profile

Sarah Perkins

First Level Consultant - College Funding Service Center

Sarah has been with the College Funding Service Center for over 10 years and has helped thousands of families navigate the college planning timeline. She has a wealth of experience in all aspects of the college admissions process including the filing of financial aid forms such as the FAFSA and CSS Profile. Sarah has helped many families obtain additional college funding through her understanding of the financial aid process and award appeals. Being a supreme multi-tasker, Sarah successfully serves many families in the challenging arena of college deadlines, due dates, and forms filing. Sarah is a graduate of The University of Connecticut and resides in Colchester, CT with her son. 

Jeff Sonnergren

Academic Advisor  - College Funding Service Center and President of Successful Education Solutions

Jeffrey “Jeff” Sonnergren is a critical team member of Game Theory College Planners and the College Funding Service Center. His contributions via Student Positioning perfectly complement proven college planning techniques and ideology. Jeff has coached and advised almost 1,500 students for nearly a decade. By helping students how to understand their strengths and motivations, he positions them for a great college fit and success (without overpaying) as they prepare for their career. As the founder and President of Successful Education Solutions, Jeff interacts via virtual meetings using powerful on-line tools to coach students across the country from his office in New York state. - LinkedIn Profile

Al Hoffman

Director - College Funding Service Center and President of the National College Advocacy Group (NCAG)

For over 20 Years, Al has directed the College Funding Service Center out of Waterford, CT. His experience with over 20,000 students is unique in the area of educational consulting. The Better Business Bureau has given this organization an A+ rating. Al pioneered the use of an award wining and proven student positioning system that emphasizes college selection based on three key criteria: academic, social, and financial fit. Al's further emphasis on affordability has made college attendance a reality for the families and students he served. The College Funding Service Center provides support to a select group of teams across the country, including Game Theory College Planners. Al is also co-founder, active Board Member, and President of the National College Advocacy Group (NCAG).


CCG (Canine Companion & Greeter) - Game Theory College Planners

Rescued in 2013, Cesar provides the moral support and love we need to keep our company running. As a West Highland White Terrier, he brings a combination of even temperament and a little stubbornness to the table. Having never met a stranger, his friendly and outgoing nature continues to win the hearts of many. Cesar is currently our greeter and his primary function is to put smiles on faces and create warm fuzzies. Cesar's loves include sleeping-in, chasing squirrels, and impromptu belly rubs.

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Come see us. We are easy to find.


Come see us. We are easy to find.

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We are centrally located in Atlanta on the north side of I-285 at Aria North on the hill, just across from Mercedes Benz North American Headquarters in Sandy Springs, GA. Aria is a mixed-use development with various shops and chef driven restaurants. Our office is accessed street-level through a dedicated entrance of our townhome. There is plenty of free street-side parking.