by Katie Lobosco   @KatieLobosco April 14, 2016: 9:39 AM ET

College is worth it, but benefits some more Freddy Chang was ecstatic when he was accepted early to the University of Pennsylvania. But then he took a look at the financial aid package, and his heart sank. His dream school wasn't offering him any money and his family would be on the hook for about $64,000 in just the first year. "I was so upset. I knew my parents wouldn't be able to afford the whole price tag," Chang said. But then he wrote an appeal letter, asking the college for some financial help -- something that a lot of students and parents don't realize they can do. It worked. The college came around and offered him two scholarships and one grant worth about $49,000 total. Chang is now finishing up his freshman year. Not everyone who appeals gets more money, but it does work for some. Experts agree it's worth a shot.

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